An attempt to assemble the history of a band that's been functioning as a unit for nearly eight years requires some thought and recollection. At this moment, a vague description of such a history is all that can be mustered. It is somewhat akin to a fish story, and the fish in question would likely be the mysterious northwoods burbot. Known for its elusive character, the burbot resides deep in the darkness of northern freshwater lakes, hardly going out of its way to draw attention to itself aside from the stealth action of making its trademark fierce and precise kill. That would make for a good fish story, but Aluminum Knot Eye is obviously not a fish. And this particular story of the burbot is merely a charming metaphor. So expect the full story sometime in the near future.
The story will include details such as basement experimentation, tadpole-stage development, multiple burglaries claiming vital band equipment, personnel shifts and many details in between. Check back soon to see the truth revealed.